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RElab 2021 is looking for start-ups RE-imagining and RE-shaping our built world

4th August 2021

The RELab 2021 scale up programme is open for applications – apply by August 18th!

RElab combines an annual scale-up programme with an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, corporates and investors working together to scale innovative solutions shaping our future smart built environment.

RElab works intensively with selected start-ups to build meaningful relationships with our committed industry partners, explore commercial pilots and gain rapid customer feedback, with a focus on finding forward-thinking solutions in sustainability and construction tech.

RElab alumni, Chris Bone, CEO of Modulus, talking about the founders’ RElab experience shared:


“RElab was an incredible experience for Modulous. The programme had such a spread of interesting events, a great cohort and an amazing support structure of subject experts. There were also numerous high-level introductions to an amazing network from industry and investment, and we genuinely feel that the value of our business grew as a direct result of being involved”.


For the 2021/2022 programme, RElab has chosen to focus on innovation around sustainability and construction in the built world. Our industry partners, which include Capreon, JCA Engineering, Kier, Knight Frank, Landsec, Lockton, Logifruit, Mace, Mott MacDonald and RSBG, are looking to work with early stage companies from around the world innovating in these areas and to engage with them on commercial project deployments.

It is widely recognised that the built world is responsible for 40% of carbon emissions – with building operations alone accounting for 29% of global emissions. With sustainability increasingly becoming a core strategic pillar for the built environment, our partners are looking for carbon mitigating solutions across the entire built environment, from design and construction through to building operations and smart cities.

Similarly, innovation is critically needed in the construction industry.

Construction is the second least digitised industry in the world, despite being one of the largest. On average, 30% of the total data created on a construction project is lost by the time of completion and 95% of all data captured goes unused. This leads to significant project miscommunication, costly errors and time-consuming rework.

Further, the sector faces significant operational challenges, with 80% of construction companies reporting difficulty in finding the workers needed to complete projects on time. These issues are made worse by the fact that on average, 35% of a construction professional’s time is absorbed by non-optimal activities, including searching for project data, conflict resolution and dealing with rework.

Our partners are looking to work with companies building solutions that make the construction industry and supply chain more connected, more efficient and more sustainable. These might include AI-based project management, digital platforms, robotics, 3D printing & modular construction.

Matt Gough, Director of Innovation at Mace and who is looking forward to engaging with this year’s cohort said:


“Through RElab, we have been introduced to some of the leading companies driving innovation across the built environment. RElab’s focus this year on sustainability alongside construction tech is a welcome support in accelerating the built environment’s response to the climate emergency, and we are looking forward to engage with the 2021 cohort and to exploring product fit and commercial pilots!”


If you are a founder building innovative solutions in the areas of sustainability or construction, we would love to hear from you. Even if you do not fall directly into these categories, we are always looking to partner with those who will RE-imagine and RE-shape our future built world.

For an exciting opportunity to join RElab and work with our partners, apply here by August 18th.